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HawthoRNe Wins, Saving Grace Fails

3:47 PM Posted by DarknessFalls

Good news for fans of the new TNT drama HawthoRNe, in it's season finale it ended it's first season right with 3.52 million viewers and it's already been renewed.

But this also spells bad news for Saving Grace, it turns out newcomer HawthoRNe beat TNT veteran Saving Grace in ratings for their season finales. Saving Grace only managed a disappointing 3.16 million viewers for it's season finale so TNT has announced the show will be canceled after next season, which will be nine episodes next summer.

It's great that HawthoRNe did well it's first season, but it's also a bummer for Saving Grace fans a new show was about to knock it out of existence.


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