Why Cochran Really Flipped

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Critics of Cochran and his scheming ways had sharp words after he flipped alliances for the first Tribal Council of the new merged tribe, named Te Tuna. Newly released video that was edited out of the episode now gives a clearer picture of why Cochran might have flipped. What do you think, is his flip still as treacherous if he was promised a final four spot?

True Blood: You Smell Like Dinner Review

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Previously on True Blood: Sookie escaped from the faux-heaven of Fairyland, and finds that she's been gone a year. Jason sold Sookie's house ... to Eric. Bill is the new King of Louisiana. Lafayette and Jesus have joined a coven of witches, who managed to revive a parrot. Jason got shoved in an ice box. Sam has started a shape-shifter support group. Oh and by the way, Tara is a lesbian who's run off to live in New Orleans.
Watch out, spoilers ahead!

Is someone lickin' my head? - Jason
Jason wakes up tied to an unsanitary looking bed. Timbo is licking the wound on Jason's head as another of the Hotshot kids looks on. Suddenly, Felton bursts into the room and waves his shotgun in Jason's face.

This is no way to treat your new landlord. - Eric
Eric chases Sookie down the stairs and Sookie demands that he leave, but Eric owns the house now and implies that he wants to own Sookie too. He offers to protect Sookie from the other vampires, saying that he cares about her.

And what do you think's gonna happen when I do come to grips with it? Do you think my legs are just gonna magically open for you? - Sookie

For a couple seconds at most, but it was spectacular. - Katarina
Bill is in his new office with one of the girls from the coven, Katarina. She explains to him that they managed to revive the parrot and he says that it's too dangerous for her to spy for him anymore.

TV's Best Musical Episodes, Ever!

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With Glee now a world-wide hit, musicals are experiencing a surge in popularity. However, Glee was most certainly not the first major TV show to feature the cast singing and dancing, in fact many very famous shows have musical episodes of their own.

Of course, musical episodes are exceptionally hit-or-miss (the recent Grey's Anatomy musical is a prime example of a big fat miss). Not all actors can sing or dance and explaining why the entire cast of a long-running show are suddenly performing intricately choreographed dance routines can be a struggle. It's fair to say that bad musical episodes are truly cringeworthy but good ones are something special indeed. Let's look at five of the best:

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Once More With Feeling

A show where the lead character spends most of her time killing monsters and saving her friends from villainous kidnappers doesn't seem like the likeliest candidate for a musical episode, but Buffy's is the best one.

In it, a snappily-dressed demon is accidentally summoned and under his influence all of Sunnydale begins dancing and revealing their innermost thoughts through song. The episode was series creator Joss Whedon's first attempt at writing a musical and he took six months to write the script and score.

Alyson Hannigan (Willow) was so nervous about singing in the episode that a voice double was almost hired to sing her part. In the end, she found her confidence and sang, but vowed never to do it again.

Best bit: Anya singing about the evil of bunny rabbits.

Three Horrifyingly-Bad Reality Shows

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Every so often, I take a flip through the channels and try to watch the television shows friends or acquaintances are raving about. While some reality shows such as Deadliest Catch or Ice Road Truckers are educational to a certain point and marginally interesting, the other reality offerings on television are simply horrifying. Here are my picks for the three worst offenders.

Jersey Shore

First of all, local residents have been complaining for years that cast members do not actually live on the Jersey Shore. A quick Google search reveals that Snooki graduated from Marlboro High School in Marlboro, NY, JWoww is from Franklin Square, NY, and Vinny graduated from the University of New York at New Paltz. While lots of people live in Jersey and commute to New York City to work, this is not the case. These folks are New Yorkers and have no problem embarrassing the real inhabitants of the Jersey Shore for profit.

Secondly, the use of the word 'Guido' and 'Guidette' and the huge over-exaggeration of Italian-American stereotypes is simply appalling. There are hundreds of ethnic slurs that are simply not used in polite conversation, let alone on television. One slur is not somehow 'less bad' than another. This show isn't just low-brow and vapid, it's offensive.

Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut

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The sixth season premier of Doctor Who is almost upon us, and that means more adventures featuring the Doctor, Amy Pond and Amy's new husband Rory. Doctor Who returns to the air tonight with a simultaneous broadcast of Doctor Who in the United States and United Kingdom, with hopes of drawing especial high ratings in the United States.

The Impossible Astronaut, the season premiere episode of series 6 (in the UK, TV show seasons are referred to as series), finds Matt Smith‘s titular time traveler journeying back to 1969 America. It promises to introduce the Silence as a species, building on references from series 5 as the Doctor battles an extraterrestrial menace with help from Amy Pond (Karen Gillan), Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill), River Song (Alex Kingston), an ex-FBI agent (Mark Sheppard from Battestar Galactica) and, of course, President Richard Nixon.

And BBC American has reason to be hopeful when it comes to this season's premier. The season five premiere, the first Matt Smith/Karen Gillan episode, set a high for BBC America with 1.2 million viewers and BBC America has high hopes to beat this record using this season premier's American setting to snag more American viewers.

The season premiere of "Doctor Who" airs Saturday, April 23, at 9 PM Eastern on BBC America.

Scroll down to watch the Exclusive Doctor Who Extended Trailer and see the recipe for the tasty Sonic Screwdrivers drink.

Can "The Finder" Locate a Following Outside of Bones?

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On Thursday, Bones fans were quite confused to see a new group of investigators taking the reigns from Booth and Brennan. The episode revolved around "The Finder" who can, you guessed it, find anything. The episode was all a part of Fox's efforts to create a spin off series of Bones. A spin off makes sense for Fox, Bones has always had consistent ratings and if that translates into even half as high viewership for a spin off, Fox will be quite content. Show pilots for Fox haven't been doing well recently (except for Glee), even the critically acclaimed and heavily advertised Lone Star was canceled at the beginning of this season after just two low rated episodes.

The Finder
Geoff Stults, last seen on ABC’s flop Happy Town, played Walter. Walter Sherman, adapted from “The Locator” novels by Richard Greener (The Finder in the Bones universe), is a former military policeman who served with Booth in Iraq and who Booth would rather avoid, but when an investigation into a murder in the Everglades revolves around a lost treasure map, Booth knows that Walter is the only man who can find the map and the killer. The result however, was a mess of plotting; the integration of Booth and Brennan was shaky at best and the mystery was all too easily solved.

The idea of the show isn't bad, I could watch a procedural about people finding things, but this was a Bones episode and attempting to put these too groups together was a mess.

On TV Tonight: Sunday April 3, 2011

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Body of Proof
Tonight we have plenty of TV, plus a violent confrontation, to keep us entertained.

  • On NBC at 8/7c, a new episode of America's Next Great Restaurant follows the remaining restauranteurs create their restaurant's image during a photo shoot.
  • On ABC at 9/8c, the new Desperate Housewives sees Paul standing in the way of Susan's kidney transplant.
  • On NBC at 9/8c there's a new episode of the Celebrity Apprentice, featuring the celebrities making and selling their own art and a violent confrontation between Gary Busey and Meat Loaf.
  • On ABC at 10/9c there's a special episode of the new show Body of Proof staring Dana Delany.

Bon Temps Will Be Back: True Blood Season 4 Return Date

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Mark your calendars, HBO will be returning to the Louisiana bayou city of Bon Temps for the fourth season of True Blood this summer.

The channel announced today that the official launch date for the twelve episode season four of it's vampire drama will be Sunday, June 26th at 9 PM.

HBO also announced the return of Curb Your Enthusiasm on Sunday, July 10th and the final season of Entourage on Sunday, July 24th.

The fourth season of True Blood will be loosely based on the fourth novel in The Southern Vampire Mysteries series, Dead to the World, and like the book will feature witches as a major plot point.