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Can "The Finder" Locate a Following Outside of Bones?

7:16 PM Posted by DarknessFalls

On Thursday, Bones fans were quite confused to see a new group of investigators taking the reigns from Booth and Brennan. The episode revolved around "The Finder" who can, you guessed it, find anything. The episode was all a part of Fox's efforts to create a spin off series of Bones. A spin off makes sense for Fox, Bones has always had consistent ratings and if that translates into even half as high viewership for a spin off, Fox will be quite content. Show pilots for Fox haven't been doing well recently (except for Glee), even the critically acclaimed and heavily advertised Lone Star was canceled at the beginning of this season after just two low rated episodes.

The Finder
Geoff Stults, last seen on ABC’s flop Happy Town, played Walter. Walter Sherman, adapted from “The Locator” novels by Richard Greener (The Finder in the Bones universe), is a former military policeman who served with Booth in Iraq and who Booth would rather avoid, but when an investigation into a murder in the Everglades revolves around a lost treasure map, Booth knows that Walter is the only man who can find the map and the killer. The result however, was a mess of plotting; the integration of Booth and Brennan was shaky at best and the mystery was all too easily solved.

The idea of the show isn't bad, I could watch a procedural about people finding things, but this was a Bones episode and attempting to put these too groups together was a mess.


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