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Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut

8:15 PM Posted by DarknessFalls

The sixth season premier of Doctor Who is almost upon us, and that means more adventures featuring the Doctor, Amy Pond and Amy's new husband Rory. Doctor Who returns to the air tonight with a simultaneous broadcast of Doctor Who in the United States and United Kingdom, with hopes of drawing especial high ratings in the United States.

The Impossible Astronaut, the season premiere episode of series 6 (in the UK, TV show seasons are referred to as series), finds Matt Smith‘s titular time traveler journeying back to 1969 America. It promises to introduce the Silence as a species, building on references from series 5 as the Doctor battles an extraterrestrial menace with help from Amy Pond (Karen Gillan), Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill), River Song (Alex Kingston), an ex-FBI agent (Mark Sheppard from Battestar Galactica) and, of course, President Richard Nixon.

And BBC American has reason to be hopeful when it comes to this season's premier. The season five premiere, the first Matt Smith/Karen Gillan episode, set a high for BBC America with 1.2 million viewers and BBC America has high hopes to beat this record using this season premier's American setting to snag more American viewers.

The season premiere of "Doctor Who" airs Saturday, April 23, at 9 PM Eastern on BBC America.

Scroll down to watch the Exclusive Doctor Who Extended Trailer and see the recipe for the tasty Sonic Screwdrivers drink.

If you're up for making a tasty, BBC approved drink for enjoying with tonight's episode, here's the recipe for the Sonic Screwdrivers:
Sonic Screwdrivers

Makes 6 – PREP 5 minutes plus chilling
  • 3 cups orange juice
  • 3 ripe peaches, peeled, stoned and pureed
  • 4-5 cups lemonade
  • Few mint leaves
  • Few handfuls of ice
  1. Chill the juices, peach puree and lemonade for at least 1-2 hours before serving.
  2. Divide ice and mint leaves between glasses. Mix the juice and puree together and pour over the ice. Carefully top with the lemonade.


  1. Dustin Riley said...

    They really cranked it up to 11 with this episode. I don't even have words for the first ten minutes, they were that good. The Silence may quite possibly be creepier than the Weeping Angels. Moffat delivered a quality script as usual and the whole cast knocked it out of the park, especially Karen Gillan. Can't wait for next week!

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