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On TV Tonight: Sunday April 3, 2011

6:00 PM Posted by DarknessFalls

Body of Proof
Tonight we have plenty of TV, plus a violent confrontation, to keep us entertained.

  • On NBC at 8/7c, a new episode of America's Next Great Restaurant follows the remaining restauranteurs create their restaurant's image during a photo shoot.
  • On ABC at 9/8c, the new Desperate Housewives sees Paul standing in the way of Susan's kidney transplant.
  • On NBC at 9/8c there's a new episode of the Celebrity Apprentice, featuring the celebrities making and selling their own art and a violent confrontation between Gary Busey and Meat Loaf.
  • On ABC at 10/9c there's a special episode of the new show Body of Proof staring Dana Delany.


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