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Maybe SyFy Isn't So Bad

3:30 PM Posted by DarknessFalls

A few months back when NBC Universal announcing its plan to rebrand the SciFi Channel to SyFy they had their fair share of mockery, but it appears the name SyFy isn't just good for trademarking. The network, it appears, from a name change and a fresh coat of paint alone has drawn in a wider audience. According to TVbytheNumbers.com:

The early indications are that it’s working just like they planned it. Syfy just renewed Warehouse 13 which is the most-watched show in the network’s 17 year history according to Variety, averaging 3.7 million viewers per episode. Though I think that number is using “most current” ratings (a combination of live+7 data where available, plus live+sd data where it isn’t), rather than the commonly reported live+sd (live plus same day DVR viewing), most-watched is most-watched.

More revealing is that unlike most shows on the network, Warehouse 13, the first show launched since the rebranding, is attracting nearly as many women as men.

Maybe the name SyFy isn't so bad if it means ratings security for the shows we know and love.


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