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Sanctuary: End of Nights (Part 1)

1:39 PM Posted by DarknessFalls

Last night's Sanctuary premier episode End of Nights (Part 1) on SyFy was interesting to say the least. SyFy's twitter account had something to say about jumping on board Sanctuary season two with no knowledge of the first season:
Q) @Acidbather How easy would it be to jump into Sanctuary season 2 if I've never watched anything from season 1? A) Pretty easy!
So with these words of encouragement I decided to give Sanctuary a shot, and boy was I confuzzled the whole way through. Here is the episode description provided by TV.com:
While desperately searching for Ashley, who remains in the hands of the Cabal, the Sanctuary team encounter a con artist named Kate Freelander. After her relationship with the Cabal went sour she gives Helen the location of a secret Cabal facility that may lead them to her Ashley.
Ok so Helen's daughter is missing for some reason and her genetic makeup has been altered to make her super powerful, but what was it that she was stealing and how can Ashley and her father, the big bald guy, teleport? And I was supposed to have figured out that the one guy was a vampire and the other a werewolf, and where does Will fit into all of this? If anyone figures it out, feel free to let me know, but it looks like SyFy isn't doing so well with this season of Sanctuary.


  1. Anonymous said...

    I'm not sure why @Syfy said it would be easy to jump in. The Season 1 finale was a cliffhanger, so of course the premiere was answering some of the questions. You can catch Sanctuary on Hulu, Syfy Rewind and the season 1 DVD is out. The eps that would help you understand End of Nights would be the pilot (Sanctuary For All 1 & 2), episode 7 (The Five) and eps 12 & 13 (Revelations 1 & 2). There are lots of other great episodes from season 1, though the highlight would definitely be episode 9 (Requiem).

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