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The Top 10 Things About TV Last Year (2009)

3:22 PM Posted by DarknessFalls

Just like what happens at the end of every year the big pop culture media and even little blogs just like TV Tonight take you on the years obligatory trips down short term memory lane. To celebrate the new year we take a look back at last year (2009 if you have serious memory problems) to look at the 10 things that defined TV in 2009. Sure some things didn't make the list like when Claire went lesbian on Heroes or when Smallville got renewed and The Unusuals got canceled or even when Kathy Griffin said Fuck live on CNN standing next to Anderson Cooper, but we did our best and we hope this list jogs your memory (your short term memory, that is) and helps you remember some of the best moments in TV last year.
  1. John and Kate - They used to be America's darlings with their "plus 8" and their cute half Asian babies, but things started to turn bad when John was spotted sneaking out of night clubs with women of questionable integrity and eventually they split. TLC thought they had caught a lucky break since Kate was the one who still wanted to do the show and her name was the one that rhymed with plus 8, but eventually the ongoing legal battle forced America to say goodbye to the cute family that ended up as the ever annoying divorced couple who's fifteen minutes of fame were up.
  2. Oprah Quits ... in 2011 - We really thought in was over this time, but Oprah couldn't pass up two more years of her ginormous paycheck so when she announced that her show was ending she set the end date for all the way in 2011. Sure Oprah can be philosophical at times, but we'll be the first people to admit we'll be happy when she's gone.
  3. Paula Abdul Gets Fired - No one saw it coming when Paula Abdul was kicked off Idol. Really, who would of thought that they'd get rid of the funny, and sometimes incoherent, judge. Sure in the history of the show she never gave a useful critique, at least not of anyone's singing, but a lot of the time her drug induced rambling was funny. Now we have stern Simon, uncompelling Randy, obnoxious Kara and Ellen DeGeneres, who as much as we love her isn't qualified to judge a singing competition. Now that Paula has packed up her crazy and left, we figure Idol will be almost unwatchable.
  4. The Amazing Race 15 Put Us to Sleep - We love The Amazing Race, but the latest season lacked everything that makes the Race a must see show. A couple of the contestants were interesting, Sam and Dan were cute and the poker players were bitchy, but none of it compared to past seasons villains. The worst part was that the blandest couple, who came in first place every other leg, won the whole damn race.
  5. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Was Canceled - Ok, we admit it, the show wasn't perfect and there were some major plot holes, and let's not even talk about the ending, but the show had some brilliant moments. Unfortunately budget cuts and some showrunner craziness led the sci-fi action show into a character melodrama hell during Season 2 when the focus shifted from John Connor and his Terminator Cameron (played by the lovely Summer Glau) to Sarah Connor's inner turmoil. The season ended with hope for another but Fox didn't see fit to grant our wish and broke our cyborg loving hearts a little.
  6. Fringe Gets the Thursday Deathslot - A lot of good shows are on Thursday. Survivor, Bones, Grey's Anatomy, Parks and Recreation, The Mentalist, CSI and a couple others I'm not worried about. So when one of our favorite shows was pulled from it's safe and secure spot of Tuesday and thrown into danger on Thursday we had a lot to be worried about. Our DVR is already full on Thursday and now we have to worry about watching Fringe by other means, and if Fringe get's canceled because of competition caused low rating, we're gonna be pissed.
  7. Dollhouse - 2009 was the year Dollhouse was born and the year it died. Dollhouse was doomed from the beginning because it was on Fox, the network that canceled Firefly after 11 episodes, and because it was plagued with problems from the beginning. The pilot episode was re-shot and then the missions the active Echo were sent on got more and more preposterous (midwife, blind cultist, dead woman with a horse fetish). Even with the great cast including Eliza Dushku, Dichen Lachman, Fran Kranz, Enver Gjokaj, Olivia Williams, Tahmoh Penikett and Harry Lennix, a killer finale, the DVD bonus episode Epitaph 1 and a miraculous renewal by Fox the show was pulled from sweeps before being completely canceled. Now we're left to watch some of the best episodes of the entire series play out as the end approaches and wonder what would have happened if Fox hadn't forced Whedon to shy away from the show's sexy premise. Next time Joss should see if Syfy is interested, they showed they're not afraid to show some skin in Battlestar Galactica.
  8. V is OK - In a soon to be post Lost world the thing that we need is a new Lost to watch after the real thing ends after this season. Unfortunately for ABC FlashForward was a total bust so their hope now lies in V. We aren't saying V is a sci-fi masterpiece just yet, but there is hope, which is all we need as the series finale of Lost approaches.
  9. The Huddy Sex Was a Dream on House - House and Cuddy finally had sex! But unfortunately for Huddy fans it was all in House's head. What could be worse then giving us what we want and then taking it away. We actually saw them doing it, but it seams it can never really be, especially since House and Cuddy's relationship (or lack thereof) has deteriorated since said incident.
  10. Battlestar Galactica Ends With One Last "What the Frak?" - The most well-written and carefully crafted series in sci-fi history ended this year and it went with a bang, but also left with a lot of questions. What is Starbuck? Will the cycle repeat again? Why would they send all their ships into the Fraking sun? The finale gave us answers, but they weren't the ones we wanted and now we're left wanting more. I guess we just have to hope for more TV movies to explain away all the questions that were created, but whatever is done about the open ended ... ending, the series finale of Battlestar Galactica was certainly the most memorable thing in TV this year.


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