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Sanctuary: End of Nights (Part 2)

4:29 PM Posted by DarknessFalls

Last night's Sanctuary episode End of Nights (Part 2) on SyFy was certainly an improvement on that last, but still leaves me with questions that they should probably have answered for those of us new to the show. Here is the official recap from SyFy:

Still reeling from a violent encounter with the transformed Ashley, Helen Magnus is determined to find answers about the Cabal and their plans for her daughter.

Certain that Kate is still withholding information, a furious Magnus demands to know who her contact is at the Cabal. Kate is acutely aware that, without Magnus and the Sanctuary, she will be killed by the Cabal, herself, and therefore relents, revealing her contact protocols to reach Dana Whitcomb.

The Cabal's true agenda to destroy the Sanctuary Network is disclosed when Dana gives Magnus an unthinkable ultimatum - save Ashley and hand over the Sanctuary Network, or prepare to fight an impossible battle against the Cabal and her own daughter.

To make their point, the Cabal unleashes its first attack on the Sanctuary Network, as Ashley plus two of her powerful clones quickly annihilate the Tokyo location, leaving behind little more than fiery ruins and a convincing message that war has begun.

The Sanctuary team is forced to quickly create lines of defense against Ashley and her clones, a team of fully transformed Super Abnormals with devastating powers. Along with her newly cloned fighters, Ashley begins her onslaught, setting out to destroy each Sanctuary around the world.

The team prepares a final defense against an impending assault on the last standing Sanctuary and Magnus knows that by unleashing the only weapon that could defeat the Cabal's attacks, she is also risking the life of her only daughter.


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