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Stargate Universe: Darkness

4:35 PM Posted by DarknessFalls

With the fourth episode of SyFy's new show Stargate Universe titled Darkness little was left to the imagination, the crew messages were repetitive and less compelling and emotional then they could have been and the scientific explanations that Stargate fans have come to expect were to realistic and less nonsensical then in previous series. The problem it seams, is that SG:U is trying too hard to be Battlestar Galactica, when I fear it can never be. SyFy has provided us with this over dramatized episode recap:

Dr. Nicholas Rush has been working throughout the night to try and determine why the ship's power reserves are critically low. He reiterates his mounting concerns to Colonel Young, who advises the crew to limit their power consumption to essential services only. Suddenly, the lights dim to emergency levels and everything but life support goes dead. Overwhelmed by fatigue and frustration, Rush declares that all on board will perish within days. But when Destiny's flight path towards a solar system reveals the existence of three planets, they hope that one of them is habitable.

Meanwhile, Eli records individual messages from the crew in case they don't survive.


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