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Felicia Day is Red: Werewolf Hunter

8:39 PM Posted by DarknessFalls

Tonight at 9PM (EST) on Syfy (also on Showcase in Canada), Felicia Day is drawing her guns again (for the first time since her appearance on Dollhouse) to kick some werewolf behind. On her Twitter, she promised that Red would feature "Blood and werewolf harpoons, yes!" Sounds like a winner to us. In an interview with io9, Day refused to reveal details about the plot or the werewolves' specific properties but did have something to say about her upcoming appearance on Eureka.

"I can tell you I'm in many, many episodes [of Eureka] - almost all of the back 10." She also told io9 that's she'll play "a very eccentric scientist who comes to Eureka to work on a secret project" who "has an antagonist relationship with Fargo and Will Wheaton, who plays Dr. Isaac Parrish."

Day, who normally stars on the internet web series The Guild, has taken a longer then normal break to appear in both Red: Werewolf Hunter and Eureka. At this time no information is available about the possibility of future episodes of The Guild.


  1. Max Bell said...

    I gave up forty-five minutes in. Nothing to do with Syfy, just a very 'meh' script (why does a federal law enforcement officer go into the house to have someone call 911 when HE'S STANDING THERE HOLDING A PHONE?!?).

    There might have actually been a perfectly rational explanation for this, but after nearly an hour, it dawned on me -- they didn't give Felicia any laugh lines at all. The scene where she tazered her brother was nice (if pretty unbelievable; you wouldn't do something that casually with anyone who looked like Moist) but...

    I'm out until they bring back Warehouse 13 and add Felicia and Wil to Eureka full-time.

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