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Sanctuary: Trail of Blood Recap

7:42 PM Posted by DarknessFalls

The first ten minutes of Trail of Blood revolved around the team picking up a distress signal from a trapped Nikola Tesla, that led them to an old Cabal lab, where vampire source blood has turned a bunch of centipede-like bugs into giant, mutated, people eating centipede-like bugs. Weirded out yet?

When the team finds Tesla in a bunch of caves and tunnels in the Colombian Highlands, surrounded by a bunch of giant bugs (in case you forgot I mentioned it), Will is suspicious that they've let themselves be led into another one of Tesla's schemes. Score one for Will's intuition.

At the end of the episode it's revealed that Tesla was there searching for the vampire source blood (to turn himself back into a vampire), and Magnus isn't pleased. Eventually Tesla "sacrifices" himself to save the others from the bugs, only to live after using his newly obtained magnetic powers to shield himself from the explosion. Seams like a nice way to give Tesla a bit of chivalry without killing off the mildly amusing character (whose antics actually range from mildly amusing to just annoying).

Meanwhile, back at the Sanctuary, Bigfoot and Kate try to track down the killer of a priest who helped Bigfoot find the Sanctuary. The real killer is never caught, but from his reveal at the end of the episode, he'll probably be back.


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