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Being Human Live Notes: Children Shouldn't Play With Undead Things

11:06 PM Posted by DarknessFalls

It's a date, and by that I mean another date with Nora on tonight's Being Human. Here are my live notes:
  • In the bar, Josh once again lets his nerves keep him from standing up for himself.
  • I'm not sure why Sally freaked out so much at being "one of them", sorry but you kind of are.
  • Does anyone else think it's creepy that Aiden is letting this little boy come home with him? Dangerous too, Aiden hasn't learned to completely control himself.
  • Nora likes making Josh uncomfortable a little too much, "I do love to watch you squirm, it's as though you're an artist and awkward is your medium."
  • Josh just likes to keep things awkward, "Hello there little friend ..."
  • Sally is way too angry about the whole ghost colony thing.
  • "That is so adorable I can't even be mad at you right now", good Sally, nobody likes you when you're angry.
  • "You feel wolfy", wow, maybe that'll help Josh get laid.
  • "When a woman wants to show you her apartment, it's usually just an excuse to get you in the bedroom", Josh is finally getting lucky!
  • Wow, of course Josh got too "wolfy" and screws up his chance again.
  • "I growled", nice description Josh.
  • Josh is finally taking the opportunity to get it on, in a weird, animalistic sort of way.
  • Aiden is so cute with that kid, but the kid's kind of weird. Besides, Aiden likes the three stooges? Really?
  • It's official, Aiden has a MILF admirer.
  • Right Nora, Josh is real "classy".
  • Aiden is 257?
  • Josh's transformation was pretty cool, first clear look we've gotten of a werewolf.
  • Holy crap, the kid saw the DVD of "two people screwing in a hotel." Being Human is really keeping it classy tonight!
  • "There he is, Mr. hit and run." Nora is obviously the wittier one in the relationship.
  • "I'm also not the kind of guy who mounts women spontaneously and has furious animal sex." I take that last one back.
So what did you think of this week's Being Human? Anything stick out to you? Tell me in the comments.


  1. Anna Lawrence said...

    aiden fought in the revolutionary war so yeah, 257 sounds about right. oddly enough, 257 is the age difference between him and Bernie who, let's pretend is about 10 years old. That would actually make aiden about 30 when the revolutionary war broke out.

  2. Sammie said...

    This episode was very interesting from Aiden and the kid to Sally and the ghost colony and of course Josh and Nora. I wish Josh and Nora would hurry up and be together.

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